Alicia Silva Fernandes

@aliciekookie 활동중 8 개월 전
Points : 34
Rang : 2


Informations / 정보
Présentation / 소개
내 사진 13
  • Genre / 성

    Féminin / 여성

    Nom / 이름

    Alicia Silva Fernandes

    Date de naissance / 생년월일


    Je suis / 나는

    Français / 프랑스인

    Recherche / 찾습니다

    Coréen / 한국인

    Langue principale / 모국어

    Français / 프랑스어

    Langue secondaire / 제2외국어

    Français / 프랑스어

    Ville / 도시


    Pays / 국가명


  • À propos de moi / 자기소개

    Hi everyone ! Since I don’t know your French level, I’ll introduce myself in English ! My name is Alicia, I love to sing, dance, read, cook, listen to music and more ! I’m a big curious person and I like to learn new things, especially when it comes to Korea ! South Korea is a land that I really like ! I also like the Korean people, I think that they are very respectful with each other and that’s something that I really like ! Don’t hesitate to send me a message, I’ll be very happy to talk with you ! It’s really nice to meet you ! ^^

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